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Collapsible Safety Cone
Ideal for temporary traffic rerouting and enhance safety on ...
C$ 8.75
Danger - Do Not Enter Tape
DANGER DO NOT ENTER Red Barricade Tape 3"x1000' Red high vis...
C$ 12.95
Folding Scissors
Stainless steel blades. Chrome plated die cast handles. ....
C$ 3.00
Folding Umbrella
Coghlan’s Automatic Umbrella uses a durable metal construc...
C$ 13.50
Hand and Body Warmers
1 Warmer Per Pack Up to 18 Hours of Heat Safe, Natura...
C$ 2.00
Hand Warmer
Keeps hands warm in pockets or gloves for up to six hours...
C$ 1.10
Hand Warmers
2 Warmers Per Pack Up to 8 Hours of Heat Safe, Natu...
C$ 1.50
Multi-Function Army Knife (11 Functions)
Tools include large knife blade, can opener, scissors, saw, ...
C$ 9.25
Roadside Emergency Kit
The 35 pieces Roadside Emergency Kit is great for emergencie...
C$ 19.75
Safety Vest (Hi-Visibility)
Great for bikers, joggers, construction and industrial wo...
C$ 12.00
Sting & Bite Pad
Relieves pain and itching of inset bites and stings Sma...
C$ 0.15
Survival Candle
Three wicks allow variable light and heat. Burning time i...
C$ 7.25
Trekking Umbrella
Coghlan’s Trekking Umbrella is a lightweight, rugged desig...
C$ 21.25
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