About Us

Pacific First Aid Ltd., located in Metro Vancouver, is dedicated to providing First Aid Kits and Supplies to satisfy customers.  Our goal is to save you money by providing high quality products at competitive prices and excellent customer service.  We also save you time, which means that your order is easy to place, and be shipped in within 1 to 2 business days of payment approval.  

We offer a great selection of First Aid Kits, ranging from compact personal kit to 72 hour emergency survival kits to treat a variety of workplace, travel, home and outdoor emergencies.  If you don’t find a first aid kit that is listed here, please just contact us and we will make our effort to meet your needs.  

In addition to First Aid products, we also carry exceptional quality AceCamp outdoor gears and accessories as well as Munkees, which offer fun functional bottle openers, shaped carabiners, whistles, LEDS, and keychains.  The products include an entire line of kitchen utensils, with various lightweight pots and pans, as well as survival gearssuch as poncho, blanket, and waterproof stuff-sacks.  Our gear will prepare you for any outdoor expedition, climbing, hiking, trail running, kayaking, canoeing, camping, and more trips and excursion that will help you explore to new grounds. 

We strive for your total satisfaction with your shopping experience and we appreciate your business.